Latest Version

Crazy multiplayer vehicle simulator with a huge variety of cars and new detailed crashing physics is already here for all true fans. Meet BeamNG Drive – the product, that combines all professional gamers’ wishes. Not to mention, that this is the latest version, so you will find all updates and mods here.

Pick a cool auto, start the engine, step on the gas and try these dangerous tracks. Here you are able to ride huge and small vehicles, sports and classic models, off-roaders and city cars. Improve your skills by riding the enormous truck in different conditions. Save sport ones for fast racings and fully use them there. And of course, all these vehicles will perfectly crash against dangerous obstacles. The thing is, all autos in this fascinating game are developed with metal carcass, so in the wreck moment they receive authentic damage like in real life. See it yourself, pick the lower speed of camera, bring it closer and watch the car. Or even look at the wreckage, because from massive collisions it is the only thing, that leaves after your auto.

New exciting opportunities. You can finally create your own locations and add them to the game. You already have a bunch of various maps for your crazy crash tests, but in the latest version you are able to build it yourself. Pick the landscape in the menu, add plants, trees and bushes, rocks and holes. And then choose the main part – your track. It can be high in mountains with sharp turns and cliffs, or the average city with smooth roads and small potholes.

After all preparations are done, install huge springboards, downhills and big canyons. BeamNG Drive also allows you to use destructive mechanisms, that will destroy your vehicle in one second. The variety of different objects for your location amazes all players. And your friends can join you too. Create hazardous maps together and try them after it. In this game you have the opportunity to assemble a group of 10 people.

Play it now absolutely for free. BeamNG Drive is one of the most famous products in this genre. Try this game yourself and have fun.