BeamNG Drive Game Online

Literally all true players’ dream is to find a game, where you are able to destroy various cool cars and receive rewards. The BeamNG Drive is here to make your dreams come true. Fantastic realistic graphics and authentic physics of damage lead this game to the vehicle simulators tops. And now you have an amazing chance to fully experience it here.

New Games

The new special mechanism

Game developers reached a new level by creating this project. The thing is, they used soft-body physics, that makes the game realistic, dynamic and unique. Various autos receive actual damage, that they get in real life after collisions. The mechanism is so realistic, that even an average rock will totally destroy it at high speed. This cool product doesn’t have any levels or missions, so your main aim here – is to arrange a crash test for every fast model. Here different modes will help you.

The game process

Various maps, automobiles and modes diversify the process and make it more interesting and exciting. People are allowed to build locations as they wish and then, arrange breathtaking racings on it. Place here a high trampoline, huge rocks, mountains and crazy destructive devices. Tough roads in mountains are perfect for fast chases, and big springboards are usually used to beautifully fly over the deep canyon. In recent updates developers also added in game the opportunity to place several autos on the same locations, switch between them and cause cool explosions and wrecks. Not to mention, that here you can try the multiplayer version, which means, that all your friends will join you. It is more exciting to break cars together, and create amazing combinations of big trampolines, steep roads and different trucks.

BeamNG Drive – is the new generation of vehicle simulators. Witness what happens to a car in wrecks moments in details. It can suddenly catch on fire after too a fast start, or meet an empty truck right in the middle of the road. To reach the finish without any damage, you have to be very careful, bypassing unexpected obstacles. You have the opportunity to change all existing settings. Set the time, autos characteristics, weather conditions and other important options. Become the real producer of your own game. And don’t forget about the cameras, that allow you to watch the wreck moment from all angles, slow it down and bring it closer.

Here in BeamNG Drive you don’t need to download special locations and trails. Everything is installed here. Or you can always build your own dangerous track and enjoy the destruction. To add more interesting details, think about your own requirements for the victory in game. Place a vehicle under the trampoline and try to land right on it. Or cross the finish line in a certain amount of time, bypassing all obstacles. Here you are able to create everything and feel the adrenaline in your veins.

Play it game now, invite friends and relish the process here. BeamNG Drive game is a unique product, so you absolutely need to try it. Start your crazy adventure now by pressing the start button!