Enjoy this exciting game not only on big screens, but on different devices too. Android users now have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of fast racings and massive crashes. Check all cool features of this product here.

BeamNG Drive – realistic graphics and soft-body physics. Even on small screens you are able to look at beautiful views, relish long rides on mountain roads and watch all details of your crash tests. In this game developers used the new mechanism, so that during the collisions your car receives the actual damage, like in real life. All small holes, rocks and trees destroy your auto, and you can fully watch the process. With new special camera, you are able to look closer to all wrecks, watch this scene in slow-motion from all angles. Feel the adrenaline, because your auto won’t stay intact.

And to create right conditions for it, you have two options to choose. The game is full of installed locations with various different tracks for your experiments. Each of them has the special challenge, which you can complete and get the reward after it. They are all unique and different, providing you the opportunity to ruin your vehicle in various ways. But if you are not satisfied with this big set, go to the special constructor and create your own location. Add springboards, canyons, buildings and different obstacles. Place empty transport on the road, huge bridges and other stuff to fill your map.

Find the activity to keep yourself busy. In BeamNG you are able to do whatever you want. Arrange racings, where the cars will ignite right in the middle of the road. Compete with your friends and reach the finish line first. The good news is, iPhone users are able to participate too. Or place 10 autos on the same locations, switch between them and cause a massive wreck. Invite friends and do it together. The game is available for everyone without any limits here.

Try BeamNG Drive here and have fun. Relish the process on android devices and big screens. Start your adventure now.