You totally know about BeamNG Drive – an exciting vehicle simulator with realistic crashing physics. But here you can try the updated version of it. With various useful mods you will diversify the process and make it funnier.

Arrange racings and cause massive car wrecks. The main aim of this game is to destroy vehicles and watch, how it receives realistic damages. Different locations will help you break your auto. Here you can find big springboards, high mountains, tough roads and different obstacles. The game rewards you after every successful crash. But you can not only ruin cars, but create special tracks for dangerous racings. Cross the finish line first on intact auto, while your rivals break their cars in the middle of the road.

Helpful mods for your walkthrough. Despite you are able to create different locations, add various car models and make your own difficult challenges in this game, we added some cheats to make it more interesting. They increase your speed, make challenges less difficult and provide you additional abilities. Enjoy this game with all cool features, explore spacious maps and complete challenges. Here you can also watch your game with special camera. It allows you to see all wrecks from different angles in slow-motion. In this game you are able to look at every small detail of it, bring it closer and record the video. Remember, that in BeamNG Drive the most destructive collisions are the coolest ones.

So, play it now alone or with friends. Turn mods on in settings and relish the process. Start your fascinating game right now.