Fly Car Stunt 2

The perfect combination of two popular vehicle simulators is already here. Feel the atmosphere of real racings and enjoy the cool crashing physics here. It doesn’t have an age rating, so you are able to fully enjoy it.

Arrange a massive crash test in the sky. Usually in BeamNG Drive players install a huge trampoline to lift the auto in the air and break it. But here your car already has small wings for exciting flight. Despite in the racing mode you are supposed to drive fast and cross the finish line first, nobody will interrupt you, if you want to destroy your vehicle. Because of new special soft-body physics, you can watch your auto receiving the real damage, that it authentically gets in accidents in real life. And you can watch this moment in details, using a special camera with many additional functions. With these narrow roads there will be many falls.

Build an excellent location for your wrecks. BeamNG constructor allows you to create your own map and place destructive objects there. For example, huge hammers, that swing right over the track will train your speed and attentiveness. In this fascinating game you have a huge arsenal of different instruments to design the location – thorns, fire, electricity, various axes and other useful stuff. Not to mention, that you have the opportunity to choose one of the added maps and try it here.
Try this cool game now alone or with friends. Invite them and play together, reach finish on intact auto.