Driving Simulator 3D

Exciting Driving Simulator is here to improve your skills and entertain you. You already know the BeamNG Drive product with its realistic crashing physics. But here you are able to try this new version and ride all existing autos. So, start your adventure now.

BeamNG Drive part. Of course, insane crashes and massive wrecks are here. And the soft-body physics was also added. Your vehicles will receive damage and break like in real life with the same consequences. You can easily watch the destroying process and slow it down to explore every small detail. And the locations here allow you to try all dangerous mechanisms to completely ruin your car. Meet your friends and other skilled players on the roads and cause a huge collision together. Switch between various vehicles to lead them to the right spot and complete all difficult challenges. After you pass them, get your reward and go to the next map.

Fascinating Driving Simulator 3D. Find any existing car model in the game. Sport models, big trucks and universal off-roaders were included to the menu. And this game allows you to not only break them with various huge trampolines and sharp rocks, but to arrange racings and peacefully ride on the city roads. The mode depends on what map you choose. In the average city you can use public transport to pick passengers and transfer them to the destination. Ride carefully and avoid potholes, stones and trees. Try to end your route with an intact vehicle and receive your reward.

Or you can always invite friends and arrange hazardous racings. For this purpose, use location with mountains, huge springboards, and sharp turns. Add abandoned cars in the middle of the road and enjoy the game. Feel the real speed, but don’t accelerate too fast, because your auto will probably catch fire. BeamNG also gives you the opportunity to operate the large trucks in difficult conditions. Transport the cargo to the top of the mountain on a narrow track and don’t fall. Be careful on sharp turns and control your speed. Finish the challenge in time to get your remuneration. And if you drop your truck from the mountain, do not worry and watch how beautifully it crashes. Special camera will help you with that – bring it closer, pick the lower speed and turn to the right angle to get a perfect picture. Then, use your second chance.

So, relish this exciting game alone or in company. BeamNG Drive is one of the most popular products in this genre, so you are able to find something to keep yourself busy here. Start it now and spend your time with fun.