Monster Truck

Meet the exciting game with realistic crash physics, various cars and spacious locations. You understood right, BeamNG Drive is already here with new fascinating additions and opportunities. This version allows you to pick one of the biggest autos and fully feel the speed. So, what do you wait for?

Giant monster truck for the bravest riders. Despite this game is full of various cars, this enormous off-roader is totally worth it. Imagine yourself in the cabin of this huge auto, hold on tight and drive fast. BeamNG Drive monster truck is for the real extreme lovers. With new technology all vehicles receive authentic damage from all collisions. It can be a small road hole, or a giant rock in the mountains. You can fully destroy it in different ways and receive huge reward after it. Or simply watch, how it gets losses from all regular crashes in the city.

But with this large off-roader you are allowed to destroy other vehicles too. The control in the game is pretty simple, so it will be easy to smash all automobiles with your massive wheels. Invite friends and arrange a racing. Squeeze all their cars and win the competition. Play together to create new cool challenges for your immense transport. Become the best rider in the city and complete all difficult challenges.

Big SUVs need huge tracks. Of course, the game presents you many different locations with various interesting and dangerous tracks. But they usually fit only small auto. To drive your enormous vehicle, you need a special map, so create it yourself. In BeamNg Drive monster truck developers added unique constructor, that gives you the opportunity to build your own route. Place some wide roads, large trampolines and bridges. Ride as fast as you can and avoid dangerous obstacles. Create hazardous locations with friends and test it together.

So, start your own journey now. You don’t need any steam account for it. Just press the start button here, play it and have fun.