BeamNG Drive 2021

Now not only ps4 users are able to try this exciting product. BeamNG Drive is one of the best vehicle simulators. The thing is, developers used soft-body physics in the process of creating this cool game. And this unique feature leads it on the tops of this genre, so now even pc users can arrange massive car crashes.

Look at the realistic autos collisions closer. Every location here has its own dangerous obstacles, that will destroy your car. It can be sharp rock, that unexpectedly appears on the road, tough turns high in mountains and abandoned trucks in the middle of the track. Usually to stay alive and reach the finish line, you have to drive carefully and pay attention to all holes and stones. But here you need to collect all obstacles and completely destroy your vehicle to receive the reward.

There is a useful constructor in your arsenal, that will help you create the most dangerous location for your crazy crash tests. It provides you the opportunity to place trees, rocks, buildings, different vehicles and huge trampolines. In BeamNG Drive game the more hazardous the track is, the higher reward you will receive. Or you can always check other users’ maps and pass their challenges.

Play it now and enjoy all cool features. In addition to everything else, realistic graphics and advanced camera effects will totally please your eyes. No matter, you use xbox or any other device, you are able to see beautiful views and well-detailed autos. Developers added a bunch of exclusive cars to the game, including big off-roaders and massive trucks. And with installed camera you can look closer to the crashing moment and slow down the process. The game allows you to witness it and take cool videos.

Go and play it to discover other exciting mechanisms. Invite your friends to the game and relish the process with them.