BeamNG Drive 2

BeamNG Drive is a realistic vehicle simulator with a soft-body physics and open world. In this cool version you can receive a full set of well-detailed cars, spacious locations and various objects for you to create dangerous tracks. And this finalized project is available for you here absolutely for free. Relax and cause a massive crash.

Amazing graphic and authentic wrecks. The views in this exciting game amaze all true fans. Beautiful mountains and huge trees are all over locations, and different buildings make the city more detailed. All sharp rocks and small bushes are drawn very well. And the cars were created as the original models, so you won’t feel the difference. With this unique mechanism, all autos consist of the special carcass and other details. So when you crash it, it breaks as in real life. This is the special feature of this exciting game. You can destroy your auto and see the realistic wreck and losses. You even receive the reward after it.

The gameplay. Of course, the first and main ability here is to ride cars, but developers added other opportunities for you too. There are many installed locations, where you can try yourself and arrange massive wrecks. But to not get bored, they allow you to create maps on your own. With special constructor you are able to place high trampolines, deep canyons, tough roads and difficult obstacles, such as big trucks, unexpected holes and sharp turns. In BeamNG Drive you don’t need to pass levels, complete missions and interact with other characters. Do whatever you want and relish the freedom of actions.

And the camera effects fully transfer you to this atmosphere. With various characteristics, that you are able to customize for yourself, you will watch the whole crash in details. Look at the full process of the collision in slow-motion and pay attention to every detail. Bring the camera closer to better see your car from all angles. In addition to amazing and realistic physics, this feature is also perfect for making cool videos.

Explore all maps together. Also, make fascinating challenges on your personal tracks, and complete them on others’ locations. Create a narrow road in mountains and ride a massive truck. It is very difficult to turn this enormous vehicle in a small track high in the atmosphere. Feel the adrenaline and cross the finish line in time. Or simply arrange a small racing and compete with your friends. Yeah, invite them here and play together. BeamNG Drive allows you to place 10 different vehicles on one map and switch between them. But if you assemble a group of 10 people, you won’t need this feature, and the process becomes funnier.

Try this BeamNG Drive 2 now and enjoy your pastime here alone or with friends. You will find something to keep yourself busy in both variants.