BeamNG Drive Cars

Realistic vehicle simulator BeamNG Drive is now here absolutely for free. Cool soft-body physics, freedom of actions, simple controls and special locations constructor quickly led this product to the tops. Become the racer, destroy autos and have fun in this unique version.

The main game features. As soon as you appear on the track, you can do everything to crash your vehicle. Use difficult and narrow roads, sharp rocks and huge trampolines to receive damage and ruin it. Each location has its own different obstacles, destructive mechanisms and various challenges. Some of them allow you to arrange racing and compete with other people. Find the best maps, or create it yourself. With an installed constructor you are able to build your own crazy tracks and destroy autos there.

And with special mechanisms your vehicles will receive the authentic loss, as if they crash in real life. You can look closer and watch all massive wrecks in details from all angles with unique slow-motion camera. Even the smallest collisions will affect your auto, so pay attention.

The variety of different cars. Of course, you can’t fully enjoy the process without cool transport. So here you are allowed to use sport models, big off-roaders, massive trucks, average vans and even the public transport. The last one will be perfect for city rides, off-roaders can be used to pass mountains, and the sport autos will beat everyone in racings. Find the right use for all of them and complete all difficult challenges. Invite friends and try this exciting game together to decide, who is the best rider and have fun.

Play it now and enjoy your pastime here. Crazy adventures are already waiting for you.